Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flower Parts You Can Eat!

Sorry the image is blurry! I'm also sorry I don't remember where I discovered this idea to give credit; it is a fantastic activity! After studying plant and flower parts, including the foldables I posted before, my students created flower parts they could eat once they labeled them all correctly. The petals are fruit rolls. The stamens are licorice pulls (a single strand). The sepal was a full-size licorice. The pollen was cake/cookie sprinkles. (Tip—put these in a small cup. Have a second cup with water next to it. Have the kids dip the licorice in the water and then in the sprinkles.) We keep the ovary and its breakdown simple at our grade level, but you could get more detailed if needed. A marshmallow and m&m were used.

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