Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Monster

I cannot take credit for this idea at all. I pinned it on my Pinterest board the minute I saw it. It comes from Giggles Galore, and I am so thankful she developed this idea and shared it. By 4th grade, the boys are grateful when they can do something that isn't hearts and pink. I thought these were perfect and really capture the personalities of 4th graders! LOL

This one will be mine. I primed the box with spray primer. I painted it with acrylic paint. The original had painted spots, but I used a 1 inch punch to cut spots for mine. The original had egg carton eyes, but I just punched 1 3/4 inch circles for the whites of the eyes and 1 inch black circles for the pupils. I adore it and can't wait for our monster of a Valentine's Day party!

I do want to add that my husband and son were not as enamored with it as I am. They tell me it looks like Cookie Monster with chicken pox! Lesson learned: think about your monster’s color!!!


  1. Hello sweetie!
    I'm a new follower (and blogger). I just love your water cycle foldables and this Valentine's idea. I saw the monters on Pinterest too so it's awesome to see someone use it. Like you said, the poor boys must get sick of all the pink, girly each year.

    Very cool stuff :) xx

    Daydreams of a Student Teacher

  2. LOL I LOVE Pinterest, and actually doing something I'd pinned rocked my week that week! :) (It doesn't take much to get me excited, does it?) I just popped over to your blog; it's wonderful!

  3. I created something like this, but not for Valentine's day. I created it for a lesson on demonstrative pronouns. His name was De Monster Tive. And he ate things. You would say "he wants THAT eraser" or "He wants THOSE pencils" or "He wants THIS cup" and you would have to go and put it in his mouth. The kids thought it was really fun.