Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Limb, Branch, And Twig; A Science Foldable

The queen of foldables, Dinah Zike, suggested this foldable in her Big Book of Science. I hand drew the image based on her example. Just like the flower parts foldable, the cut marks were made at 2 ¾ inches. Each section contains part of the tree and is labeled to identify it. Here, unlike the Parts of a Tree Poster, we are able to clearly see the difference between a limb, branch, and twig.

Under each flap, is a description of the part’s job. We do this part as a class to ensure all students have complete and correct information. Then, like with other foldables, students are able to study and self-test themselves.


  1. Do you have a model that was used? And 'you can email through?

  2. Hello, what resource did you use for definitions of trunk, limb, branch, and twig. I've been looking for a reliable source but haven't found one. Thank you!