Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Types of Roots: A Science Foldable

This foldable is so simple! Fold a regular sheet of copy paper in half hamburger (width-wise) style. Cut the front in half up to the fold line. On one side, draw a fibrous root and on the other a tap root. As a class, we discuss the physical differences while we are drawing them.

Once we are ready to write our information inside, we brainstorm reasons for the differences, benefits and drawbacks of the differences, and examples we’ve come across. I make sure that the students know that fibrous roots are great for erosion control, are able to get shallower water sources, and firmly hold a plant (think of all those weeds you’ve tried to pull!). Meanwhile, a taproot makes it difficult to destroy a plant because even the smallest root bit left behind will begin to regrow. We also look at young seedlings and how many start with a taproot but will develop fibrous roots as it matures.


  1. I just found you entries on you blog. Do you have PDFs or other copies of you plant activities? Please email me at jluebber@molineschools.org


  2. Love this idea. If you have PDF's I'd love a copy. srobin44@cox.net