Saturday, August 24, 2013

Purpose and Motives for Presentation of Info

I couldn't find a presentation that met my needs for meeting Common Core English Language Arts Standards » Speaking & Listening » Grade 8, so I created one.  As my class goes through it, discussing it, they will take notes in a foldable, which they will then add to their interactive journals. 


This is the foldable they will create.  The cover template came from HERE.

Below, you will see photos of the foldable while I was making my sample.  I am a visual person.  Messy writing, particularly mine, drives me nuts.  I also spend a great deal of energy explaining to my students that first impressions count, and when it comes to their work, that often means their handwriting/neatness.  Even most of my poor-handwriting students slow down and try to give their best once they realize this fact.  Anyhow, I created the lined portion.  Students could have just used the lines in their notebooks, but many of my students bought wide-lined notebooks instead of narrow.  They would not fit all the info in on the wide lines so making something I know will work for all of them seemed my best option.  I printed the cover, measured it, and created a back that was sized to match. 


As for the cover, again, I don't like mess.  I show my students how to lightly pencil in guide lines that show them where to write. 


I hope this helps those of you who will also be working to meet this Common Core learning standard.

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