Sunday, March 25, 2012


Because Doc

Not something I can put up during testing, but I was in the poster-making mood, what with my new alphabet and everything! (See previous post for alphabet info.)

I failed to credit my inspiration for this poster in the original post. I have two teachers in my district (including one of my son's middle school language arts teachers) and (the boarder was a freebie she posted on her blog as well!) to thank for sharing their ideas on how to get students to explain answers with the use of the word "because." I would never have managed this poster without their ideas!


  1. These are both great posters. Of course I want them too. Love the blog, I'm following you now. :-)

  2. Dear GoddessofWhimsy,
    The wording of your "because" sign sounds an awful lot like my Just "because" post of last week. My Creative Commons license is listed as Non-Commercial, Share-Alike and Attribution, which means to give credit back for the original inspiration. Also, I mispelled prediction as "predication" and you did too.
    Jennifer Jones @

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    My poster was inspired by 3 different places, and yours was certainly one! I tried not to directly copy anyone, but I totally admit that I found ideas from all that I incorporated. (I also use a draft doc where I paste ideas I want to be sure I don't forget; I don't doubt that I looked at your spelling and just assumed it was correct, when I was reworking everything to try and say everything I wanted it to say.) It was your use the terms "schema" and "evidence" that I was particularly inspired by from your site. The "how" and "why" came from a coworker, and the notion of an answer bring a "conclusion" and a "response" from a middle school teacher my son had. I didn't even think of crediting the three inspirations, but I should have. Thanks for reminding me! I will amend my post to make sure your post is mentioned. It was a great post and one of the reasons I decided I needed to stop just telling my kiddos to use "because," (which and earlier grade level won't allow them to use) and post it.

  4. As teachers, I believe we must model the stewardship of digital literacy as this type of digital behavior is exactly what we expect of our students. Nice revision.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog through a pin on Pinterest. I love finding 4th grade blogs!

  6. I love this poster that you made! The inspiration for it from all three professional resources is quite refreshing. Thank goodness with teaching we get inspired by others to do our best work! :)

    Do you happen to have an updated version of this poster with "prediction" spelled correctly? I would love to hang it up in my class when we discuss because in their responses and writing.

    Thanks for the inspiration yourself! ;)