Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Limericks

In language arts this week, my students wrote Dr. Seuss limericks. Several are amazing; most turned out well, but I will forewarn anyone wanting to do this: you will read a lot of limericks about Ted being dead or in bed! LOL I'll post photos of the students' poems hanging when I can get to the school. (Snow day good news: I have time to catch up on blog posts; snow day bad news: I can't get to the school to take the rest of the photos I wanted to include!) Feel free to use mine as a model. The meter isn't perfect, but I was okay with that for 4th grade limericks (let a few iffy rhymes in some students poems too).

BTW, I used "Seuss" pronounced the way most of us say it, "soose." However, it is actually said, "zoyce," and I asked my kiddos, who had learned this fact, not to try to rhyme it that way, as most readers of their poems wouldn't realize why the pronouciation was different.

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